Romanian Young Water Professionals

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The International Water Association represents a reference point for water professionals worldwide.

IWA YWP members not only that they have the knowledge, but thru collaboration in a professional and geographic diversity of members, they grow the strenght and the value of the network. YWP integrates young professionals in various fields, from social sciences to technology and research so that they can more easily solve multidisciplinary problems that occur continuously in the water sector, thus integrating quality aspects of both the regulations and the environment.

Becoming a member of YWP you can collaborate with other professionals to find new and effective approaches to conventional problems. As a member of YWP you can share your knowledge and research findings through presentations within groups of specialists in national and international publications, and in the context of events held in the country or abroad. In this way a YWPs can receive recognition for their work, this way becoming important members among specialists in the water sector.

As a YWP you can collaborate with world renowned experts and become a leader in your field.

IWA YWP Romanian Chapter creates a bridge between young scientists from the fields of both water and wastewater sector, so that they keep in touch with current and future water management concerns and issues, relevant for both Romania and the region.

The website of IWA YWP Romanian Chapter ( offers members an exclusive section in which it is also presented the program of all national or international events (study trips, case studies competitions, workshops, summer schools, conferences , symposiums, summits, etc..) to which Romanian YWP Chapter members may and are encouraged participate.

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