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Mentoring Programme

Mentoring process occurs every day through interaction, exchange of ideas and information, and by working in the same project. Mentoring process can take place in a short time, such as a simple meeting with a specialist or may occur within a longer time, like a student-teacher relationship. In any case, regardless of how that occurs, mentoring experience can radically change a person's entire career.

IWA designed the Mentoring Programme to help Young Water Professionals through their career and to increase the relation between and to create lasting communication links between Young Water Professionals and Established Water Professionals. IWA defines mentoring as "a relationship between two people that aims to aid the lesser experienced person in the achievement of his goals. It is a mutually beneficial relationship in that it provides the protégé with opportunity for career development through a focus on several core competencies while at the same time allowing the mentor to reassess and enhance his skills through that same focus. The inherent goal of a mentoring relationship is to develop, hone, and challenge the skills and knowledge of both parties".

The Mentoring Programme is an IWA initiative and full details about it can be found on the IWA Website.



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